Let It Press You Down

by Tyler Twombly



Part of the late-night emotive ambient series, this piece was recorded in the surprisingly reverberous area under your kitchen sink. Yes, you thought it was the motor in your refrigerator turning on and off at apparently random intervals, but it was us (well, just me) under there yelling into the open end of your pipes and whacking wooden spoons together. This pipe-yelling is something you must try at least once in your life. We can't say it connotes effective communication or even good music, but it sure as heck is cathartic.


released September 19, 2015
Tyler Twombly: Roland Juno-2, Voice, album artwork




Tyler Twombly Salem, Massachusetts

Use this stuff in your stuff and we can make more stuff together and add to the big pile of stuff in the sky we call the internet.

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