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Unfinished Thoughts

by Tyler Twombly

My head hurts from signaling I went so hard into the light I found a person lying there Enrobed in circles from my life Know the life I live today My wife tells me the time of day I turn to see her fade away Whole memories lost and found again Parts missing put together wrong Go away or take me home Remind Rewind my Instant life Instant wife Instances of time Coal mine Tastes fine So I'll say bye guys Gotta make good time My station's barely getting through My screams communicate to you One message hiding in the fuzz I broadcast nothing but my love Now my face will melt away Cold hands have latched and sunken in They turn me black and blue again What's missing cant be found in here Must go and try it on my own Here the eyes that lead the way
Come back to me Enlighten me Every time you leave I begin to see Dazed and I'm half drowning Lost and without a name Come back to me Come back home It's just like you It's like you to lie


Around April 2022, I started on a songwriting journey pushing myself to actually write lyrics and finish songs. I grew a lot in the last year as a songwriter and it felt really good. I didn't really finish recording these songs but that's different from writing. I KNOW what I want to change about a lot of these tracks and I will eventually get around to making those cuts, edits, re-dos, overdubs, yadda yadda and on it goes. Until then, please enjoy these unripe root vegetables covered in dirt.


Below are the updates I wrote to my devoted "beta listeners" throughout 2022 as I wrote and recorded these songs.

UPDATE 12/25/2022:
This was supposed to be the album I released in 2022 but now it’s a collection of unfinished songs, some of which, could one day be “finished”. A bunch of them still have nonsense lyrics or bad lyrics. Some are just too long and others should probably be scrapped altogether and re-recorded with a microphone instead of a banana. For now, these are my unfinished thoughts from 2022.

UPDATE 5/28/22:
The latest demo is "Renewal" and it is the one that sounds a bit like if the band Yes and the band Fleet Foxes did a collaboration and decided to write about spring finally coming after a long winter. Some of the lyrics will be changed but mostly they are where I want them. Specifically, in the chorus, the lyrics sung are:

Seeds will grow
to what it knows

but I will eventually change it to:

Seeds will grow
to what THEY know

I also repeat the word "seed" somewhere in one of the verses which I might move or remove.




Keep in mind that arrangement, lyrics, instrumentation and mixing are all in-progress so in terms of feedback, I would like to know the following:
-Are you bored listening to any song? If you become bored, when?
-What is the general vibe you get from the song?
-What do you like about the songs?

Feedback I've already gotten and am considering:
-You need better drums! Get a real drummer...somehow.
-Try to include more tempo variation
-More DYNAMIC changes in volume and instrumentation throughout the song(s).
-More IMAGERY in the lyrics

I am on personal journey to find the joy in song-writing—from beginning to end. This album will be a mix of songs I've written in the last year as well as some I started a few years back.

For too long, I have languished among a heap of unfinished songs, so many of which started out with such euphoric explosivity only to end up unheard. The progression toward completion usually hits a metaphorical brick wall reinforced with three feet of solid steel when I get to the lyric-writing stage, so the songs tend to remain in their unlistenable state with nonsense syllables instead of real words.

I’ve always loved singing and wanted to embark on a collection of songs that are vocally driven. But in order to create such a collection, I would have to find a way to, with joy and confidence, produce lyrics that both express something and feel good to sing. Embarking on that process has so far been a success I can attribute only to deciding to do so. I have no tips for others hoping to do the same.

I hope to end up with a collection of "very good demos" that are emotional and energetic. My chosen tool for this is harmony-rich vocal performance, but I will do my best to construct interesting and "alive" guitar, bass, drums, and synthesizer parts, even though I am just one person without access to much equipment.


released April 29, 2022

Photo by Anastasia Sierra
@anastasiasierra on IG


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Tyler Twombly Salem, Massachusetts

Adding to the big pile of stuff in the sky

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@anastasiasierra on IG

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